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【Lunch】 Pasta course 1780 yen

【Lunch】 Pasta course 1780 yen

1780 yen

The price-up chef commitment pasta dish will be charged separately.

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Reservation deadline
Until 21:00 on the day before the desired store visit

A whimsical appetizer using organic vegetables and Italian ingredients from Kyoto Kamo

From pasta menu pasta of this day or 200 yen up 500 yen UP from pasta

Homemade bread 1 cut

1 kind from lunch drink

Hand made dessert

Course menu

◆ Kimoto Kamo's organic vegetables and whimsical appetizers using Italian ingredients

◆ Pasta to choose from pasta menu of the day or pasta of 200 yen 300 yen 500 yen from UP pasta 1 type

◆ Homemade bread (Fokkacha)

◆ Homemade dessert

◆ Please choose from boasting espresso coffee / tea / juice

2018/11/18 update