dog & dogs

  • Italian cheese with One Chan


    Why do not you enjoy it? 🍝🐶🍝

    With small dogs up to 10 kg

    To dogs who are disciplined

    I will limit it.

    Lunch time, dinner time

    Together with the reservation system, please be limited to one pair.

  • In July,

    It came quickly,

    Cute good customers.

    Pettico. 2 years ago.


    From Ehime prefecture,

    Mr. Biwadog of Shiga prefecture,

    It is a coming store after being relaxed.

    Friends also gathered

    It became a lively lunch time 😋

    Lunch time

    Limited Italian full course (required, reservation)

    We received your order.

    "The rice, it was really tasty!

    I will definitely go eat it ~

    I would like to have fun with people this evening. "

    I was asked a voice.

    Another visit

    We'll be expecting you.


  • At lunchtime,

    American cocker Spaniel coming to the store


    Chap that was born in Thailand.

    You have lots of friends.

    It's popular, is not it?

    The smell of delicious meat

    I love you. . .

    Mama says goat cheese 🐐🧀

    Give it


    I'm happy.

    It is good, it is good

    While talking

    Eat it.

    From the chorus teachers,

    "Very serious, is not it?"

    You said that.

    Come again, Chap.

    Both of Harry of Boston terrier of our house

    For making friends

    Thank you


  • Always clever.

    Lime and Mitra.

    Very cute ... of.



    Mr. Papa

    Saki is

    Since there

    Very happy face 🐶🐶.

    It became hot,

    My dog's appetite

    He said he was falling. .

    It's hot, it's painful.


    It gets cooler soon.

    If you can go for a mountain stroll, nice 😊

    Another visit

    We'll be expecting you.


  • With Lime who visited us the other day

    Mithra's friends'

    Non-chan is family

    Come to Danaosi.


    I went back to a non-chan (laugh)

    I came in.

    My eyes got a heart.


    As rumored, quiet, and clever.

    next time

    Mom also

    Come with us

    I am waiting for you

  • On Mama's birthday

    Coming to the store

    It is N family.

    Cute Boston Terrier



    Along with Jina

    It is a celebration.


    That's it. (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

    ✨✨ lots of laughter

    I hope this year will be over.

    Another visit

    I am waiting for you

  • Honest smile

    Glitter dogs 🤩

    Is coming to the store.

    Boston Terrier 10 years old


    I love Mama,


    I'm only seeing your face (laugh)

    Always smiling


    I was cute today, too.

    I am still a one -

    In front of the wing


    With a smile


    A pose

    I decided (1 · ̑◡ · ̑ 1)

    Another visit

    Look forward to


  • At dinner time

    Yet again cute customers

    It is Boston Terrier.

    There is still a feeling of puppy,


    It is very cute ,,,,.

    Because I love kids,

    When taking a camera,

    When I say "Sanpo"


    I will see it.

    Chillin. Also

    Come along with Mom and Dad