• Guide and benefits of Heisei's last Christmas dinner ✨

    Xmas Eve 24th (Monday) Limited Award ❗️ There is an accordion performance.

    [Period] 12/21 (Fri) - 24 (Monday)

    Xmas🍷 Menu

    🎄 Xmas Specialty Appetizer

    一 Fun piece of dish

    👨🍳 Traditional pasta made by the chef who studied at the place 👨🍳

    It is synonymous with feast of Xmas in Piedmont Province

    Agnolotti del plin

    Please choose the main dish from the following.

    お Fun meat dish of the day

    Grilled luscious shrimp lobster (1000 yen up)

    🎄 Special Xmas dessert

    🎄 cafe

    🎄 Homemade bread

    one person

    Meat dish Christmas dinner ¥ 6000 + Tax

    Shrimp prawn Christmas dinner ¥ 7000 + tax

    [Reservation required three days in advance]


    12/21 (Fri) From 19 o'clock

    12/22 (Sat) 23 (Sunday) 24 (Monday) It will start at 18:30.

    Please decide the main dish at the time of reservation.

    Only for customers who have ordered by December 14 (Friday)

    サービス I will serve one welcome drink サービス

    Reservation Inquiries

    We'll be waiting for your visit sincerely

    📞 072 - 835 - 2234

    Please also use online reservation.


    It is an image. Actual Christmas course

    It is not a picture of.